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Our Handcrafted Harness Safety Connectors Are Made With Romanian Hemp and Hardware That Is Made In The USA.

The Harness Safety Connector comes with either a clip/loop or 2 clips. It was designed to help you retain control of your dog if they slip a harness or collar.

First you will need to properly fit your dog’s harness and collar or double collar combination. Connect one clip or loop to the D-Ring on your dog’s collar. Connect the other clip to the D-Ring on the harness or second collar. Ensure the D-ring(s) on the collar(s) and harness are sturdy enough to control your dog’s weight and strength. Attach your leash to the D-Ring on either the dog’s collar or harness as you normally would. If your dog slips out of either the harness or collar, the other will still be connected to his leash by the Harness Safety Connector. If your dog does slip a collar or harness, you should check whichever came off, determine why, and correct the situation before continuing on.

This is not a fix for defective or weak harnesses or collars. This Harness Safety Connector is only as strong as the harness and/or collar it is attached to.